Oregon Student Leadership - Future of state is bright!!!

November took me to the beautiful Oregon coast for a meeting with 2000 student leaders from across the state . They were attending the Oregon Association of Student Council in the coastal community of Seaside. I opened the last day, so the students had been together for a weekend and they were very bonded. When I came in bright and early, they were already starting and the stage was packed with impromptu singers and dancers. Apparently the camp had taught a song and dance and this last morning was a final time to perfect the lyrics and moves. They were having a ball. When I took the mic, I knew the next hour would be fun. High School student leaders are awesome and they didn't disappoin

Oxnard - Out of the mouths of babes . . .

It was a gorgeous day in Oxnard and any day that includes an hour of beach lounging is a winner. And so went my day at Lemonwood School in Oxnard Unified, a K-8 school that was close enough to the sand that I was able to enjoy my lunch and look at the waves. This group of kids and teachers were pretty special, though, and left quite an impression. The surrounding community is largely impacted by poverty and the staff is all in for these kids. My presentation felt like singing to the proverbial choir, but this group deserved a tune. They were right with me and we bonded over the love for children. Their students were my youngest audience in 2017, and a group of 5th graders proved to be v

Camarillo - Life is a Beach

What a warm welcome I received when I rolled into Camarillo High School. Balloons, signs, and chalk tributes were everywhere as I worked my way around the campus in this beautiful beach community on the southern central coast. They had a big day planned for me, including meeting with two groups of leadership teams. I was not disappointed. I have a strong passion for meeting with leadership teams. I do an activity where we share core values and try to build ideas for creating behaviors that will institutionalize or belief system. Its one of my favorite things and doing it with the Camarillo team was a good time. Spoke a to large assembly who treated me right. As I finished, I went to a