Admin Needs Love, Too

To close out my January, I need to SHOUT OUT a group of educators in Orange County who gave up a Saturday to raise their game for their staff and students. With little fanfare, about 200 or so administrators came to Concordia University in Irvine to talk about school culture, among other things. The event was sponsored by The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) who put on a pretty good day of speakers, workshops, and food that proved to be a pretty good conference. So kudos to attendees and sponsors for a good day for the OC. I want to belabor a point, though. It was a Saturday and probably went without anyone noticing, except for the families and loved ones of the att

Independence High School

Bakersfield has been good to How Many Wins over the years and January 19th's stop at Independence High School was no exception. A staff of 150 strong were spending a full day going over some of the more mundane requirements of public education. We are responsible for covering and updating staff on laws of bullying, abuse reporting, and harassment training to name a few. It is an issue of compliance, but not necessarily the most exciting stuff in the world. My hope was to start their day with an uplifting message about our jobs and lives. Independence is in their 10th year of existence and the facility looks fresh and new. As the staff rolled into their beautiful theater, they looked tir

2018 Off to a Rip(on)-Roaring Start

The first trip of the new year was about 2 hours north of my home in Fresno to the awesome town of Ripon, CA. Driving down Main Street, it was hard not to whistle the Mayberry RFD theme song, it was that charming. Make no mistake, though, the school district and educators that I met were at the top of their game and as current as can be in our profession. I had the pleasure of telling the How Many Wins story to their team and was well received. I was excited to introduce a new component as HMW Educator Dr. Alan Harris joined me in conducting a workshop intended to help build a culture in schools and classrooms where winning becomes a habit. Through storytelling and facilitation of activi