Rehab, My Road to Recovery; A Final Thought (Part 10)

What a trip this was for me. I went to places I had never discussed before and it was cool and weird at the same time. I had put this out to generate potential conversations in the medical/rehab community that might bring me in to speak. I got some interest, but the reward was much greater than that. I heard from numerous friends and family members who were there and didn't realize some of things going on behind the door and behind my facade. Others only know me as an adult and read my story for the first time having no idea of my life before coaching and teaching. I always know who they are because they call me Jeff or Mr. Eben. Everyone else knows it's Gup. I loved that I answered s

Rehab, My Road to Recovery: Forty One Years Later, The Work is Unfinished (Part 9)

As I write this, yesterday was October 2nd. On this date 41 years ago, I made my dive into the rocks at Millerton Lake and obliterated the course of my very existence. In a stroke of mercy, The Big Fella Upstairs doesn't allow me to dwell on that anniversary. Instead, on that same day in 1991, my daughter Noelle made her way into the world. My baby's birthday has taken over that day of infamy and it's a day of celebration. But let's be real; these 41 years have been difficult and I'd be lying if I said I had a magic formula to prevent fear, sadness, and anger from creeping into my world. I let it fly quite a bit when the doors are closed. Losing control of your body sucks at every level.