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We are living in a historical moment and the call for purposeful leadership is the loudest I’ve heard in my lifetime.

It seems life is on PAUSE, and the world sits suspended after a cliffhanger episode.

But unlike television, we have something to say about how we spend o...

Join me in finding and spreading hope during a time of despair. Here's how How Many Wins Wednesday Works.

Educators, can you believe it? School has barely started and the new year is coming. Here's how to prepare to lead your team into 2020.

I've had a lot of strange and unexpected things happen in my life, but this was the strangest.. "Guppy, The Musical." About me. Jeff Eben. For real. But you know me, I don't let something like this happen without learning something from it. Here'...

Are you stressed out from all the standardized testing? I remember those days. Here's what's REALLY important about this time of the school year.

I love talking to people about culture and team-building. Audiences everywhere I go embrace the concept and are eager to get after it when they get back to their site and/or organization. There is one little concern, however, that hangs over leaders who are wanting t...

When I was 16, I spent 6 months in a physical rehab facility after breaking my neck. Here's my blogumentary of the incredible lessons from that experience as well as a tribute to the many people who took care of me and encouraged me to find a new path in life.

Do you believe in spending money on motivational speakers? A fellow educator recently asked that question on Facebook. My answer might surprise you.

Do you think that government is the future of leadership? Me neither. It's educators and here's why.

February 19, 2019

Watch Jeff Eben and Alan Harris discuss how to develop the How Many Wins mindset in yourself and your team.

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Rehab, My Road To Recovery

April 29, 2019

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