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Leadership Speaker

& Culture-Building Expert

“How Many Wins Have YOU Had Today?”

For Educators    For Companies    For Churches

  • What could your team accomplish if you could find wins every single day?

  • What if you were bringing transformational leadership to every level of your district, organization or community?

  • What if your school, church or company had lasting culture that lifted everyone up so you could all do greater things?

Jack Canfield says ...

Jeff Eben will help you accomplish all of these goals.


He's an inspiring and motivational leadership speaker and culture-building expert. He is an award-winning educator whose accolades include Fresno County Administrator of the Year, Clovis Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement in Education, Fresno State Noted Alumnus and Wisconsin’s Phi Delta Kappa Distinguished Educator Award.


He’s an experienced organizational leader as well, having served as Deputy Mayor of Fresno and the CEO of the Fresno Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Jeff is a motivational speaker as well as a practical, change-bringing leadership and culture-building trainer for educators, student leaders, business leaders, churches and companies.


Find out more about his keynote and training programs here.

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Jeff’s incredible story began when a catastrophic injury took away his athletic dreams … and almost took his life.


He had two choices: wallow in despair and hopelessness or choose to celebrate all the good things life still had to offer.


You can see which choice he made … but how did he do it? Where did a young man with seemingly no future find the strength to not only survive, but to thrive? What kind of culture and community did Jeff come from that supported him in making that choice? How did he go beyond his own joy and start spreading the love so others could experience hope and winning too?


Find out for yourself:


His inspiring journey will move you and your team. Jeff will show you how to believe once again in the power of love and hope (no matter what), the value of being part of a winning team and how to celebrate your wins.


How Many Wins Foundation

Jeff Eben, CEO


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Jeff Eben

Tel: 559-470-9503

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"How Many Wins will remind you of the power of hope, the beauty of love, and the importance of counting your blessings."

Jack Canfield, Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
Author of "The Success of Principles"

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