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Programs: Keynote & Workshops

Get a sneak peek into Jeff's keynote and workshops videos here.

How to Engage Jeff Eben for Your School, Corporation or Church

Jeff Eben’s “How Many Wins Today” message begins with his core presentation and keynote speech, “The How Many Wins Have You Had Today Journey.”


Then he helps you transform your team and develop your unique culture that “Feels the Love” with his Purpose Discovery & Team Building Workshop and his Developing YOUR “How Many Wins Culture” Workshop.


Invite Jeff to be the keynote for your educator’s conference, corporate retreat, special event, association meeting or engage him to work with your team for a half day, a full day or partner with him for a total cultural and transformational leadership experience during a year-long team and culture-building process.

Jeff will change the way you and your team think about leadership, culture and the definition of winning.

All these packages teach the same core principles, but are appropriate for and will be customized to meet the needs of educators, corporations or churches.

Keynote Speaking and Training Packages and Rates

Packages include all travel expenses for North American engagements.

Travel expense reimbursement will be required for non-North American engagements.

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One Year Culture Development & Team-Building Coaching Package



$15,000 for nonprofits*

This year-long coaching package begins with the Full Day Culture-Building Package including the keynote, team-building workshop and culture-building workshop (see below for complete descriptions and outcomes).


That day is followed by two on-site half-day engagements consisting of small group conversations (3 hours total), small team visits and department consultation to work on culture-building, team-building activities, problem-solving sessions, purpose discovery, or development of your school’s Constitution or corporate Core Values Statement.


Includes twelve 40 minute Q&A Zoom video meeting session with your team or leadership (one per month for 12 months).


Finally, Jeff will create a personalized quarterly video message to encourage and uplift your team members.

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One Day Culture Starter and Team-Building Package



$7,500 for nonprofits*

Includes Jeff’s keynote, the team-building workshop and culture-building workshop (see below for complete descriptions and outcomes).


You dictate the total time (up to 6 hours) and how much is spent on each workshop. The keynote is 60 minutes long.


Schools and churches: You are welcome to invite parent clubs (ask us to show you how this can help fund your investment in Jeff’s help), members of the community, business leaders, and student leadership to the keynote presentation. Workshops are private and for your staff only


Corporations: You are welcome to invite your vendors, business partners, clients and  community members to the keynote presentation. Workshops are private and for your staff and team leadership only.

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Half Day Basic Package


$6,000 for nonprofits*

Includes Jeff’s keynote and your choice of either the team-building workshop or culture-building workshop (see below for complete descriptions and outcomes).

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Conferences or Keynote Only


Includes Jeff’s inspiring keynote presentation, plus an autograph session with a purchase of Jeff’s autobiography “How Many Wins Have YOU Had Today?”

The "How Many WINS Have You Had Today" Journey


Jeff will take your audience on a journey through his own life experience. It will make you laugh, cry, laugh again and then reflect on your own life. Attendees will receive powerful mental tools to help them celebrate wins and become a leader at work, in their team and in their school or corporation. This powerful keynote includes music performed by Jeff and will change the future of your attendees and your school, district, business or corporate community.

60 to 90 minutes long


Appropriate for educators, school staff, student leaders, churches and corporations or other business organizations.




Purpose Discovery & Team Building




Requires the “How Many Wins Have You Had Today Journey Keynote” first.


This workshop emphasizes transformational leadership and begins with changing the way you and your team THINK. Jeff will help you and your team find or rediscover your organization’s purpose. Educators can get caught up in testing and scores. Corporations can get trapped in productivity metrics. Jeff will help your team break that spell and find the true purpose that will motivate them.


Then, through small groups and story-telling, Jeff will lead your team in having the key conversations that help them build their team around that purpose and develop their voice so everyone can participate in making lasting changes.


You and your team will:

  • Identify the common purpose in your organization

  • Discover what it means to be a “team firster”

  • Create for implementation the organizational core values and normative behaviors

  • Learn the Winners Vocabulary for both leaders and team members and develop a system-wide plan to celebrate all wins

  • Begin writing your own custom constitution to memorialize your organization’s belief system


The result will be a school that creates a strong enough purpose to get staff and teachers out of their silos and put the success organization before themselves.Corporations will develop a purpose that gives everyone an opportunity to be part of the culture. When schools and businesses make people part of the team they will improve morale, increase productivity (however you define it) and keep (happier) employees longer.


If you begin working on your constitution and get stuck or need help getting it completed, consider the year-long coaching program or reach out to Jeff for individualized consulting.



Developing YOUR “How Many Wins Culture”




Requires the “How Many Wins Have You Had Today Journey Keynote” first.


This workshop will help you develop a plan that you can begin implementing immediately. It is a systematic approach to developing a culture of love, inclusion and winning every day for EVERY student, teacher, executive or employee.


It’s easy to have a strong culture when things are going well, but this workshop is designed to help you create a culture that will stay strong and that will pull together when tragedy, loss or disaster strikes members of your team, your organization or your community. Jeff has systematically implemented this culture-building program in multiple organizations.


You and your team will:


  • Show your people how to develop the habit of success.

  • Learn how to implement the plan immediately to start seeing changes fast.

  • Clarify where you want to grow and learn how to develop and track it every day.

  • Find out how to use the winners vocabulary and teach it to others.

  • Create systems for celebrating, memorializing and making your culture a part of the fabric of your organization that will not fade or falter.


The result will be a culture that is strong and that is self-sustaining so that it survives changes in leadership and the inevitable flow of new students coming in and then graduating, or employees joining or leaving the company. Rather than have to deal with daily disruptions and flog people to improve moral, you’ll have a culture of winners who lift up and encourage themselves and each other.


We’ll customize the length of your culture-building workshop. Recommended minimum of 1 hour, but it works best with at least 2 hours.



*Contact us if you’re unsure whether your organization qualifies as a nonprofit. We can also talk about funding options and sources. We have many ideas and strategies which have been successful for small schools, churches and other nonprofits.

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