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The Total How Many Wins Experience

Save money by bundling digitally! HMW is excited to offer a branded USB flash drive that contains digital copies of Jeff's Find a Win Music Video, the How Many Wins Audio CD, the Songs of Love Album, and his autobiography How Many Wins Have YOU Had Today?. See descriptions below of the individual items for more details. This is a great way to share Jeff and the How Many Wins message with your family, friends, and colleagues.


Have Jeff personalize your HMW Book. Leave instructions in the comment box during checkout.

How Many Wins Have YOU Had Today?

Jeff’s autobiography and a book  about winning that has been sold all across North America.

Paperback or Digital PDF. Audio Version Coming Soon.

Danny's A Winner . . . and So Are You!

A special look at the message of HOPE and LOVE written for a younger audience. Hardcover.


How Many Wins Audio CD

Take Jeff's message with you wherever you go. This CD contains excerpts from his speech as well as original music from his album Songs of Hope and Love.

Songs of Hope and Love Album

A mix of original and popular music that Jeff recorded with a colleagues, students, and his son Jared.

Find a Win Music Video

This video is a touching tribute to people who have made a difference in the life of Jeff Eben. It has been shown at the conclusion of his events for years.

How Many Wins for the Classroom

How Many Wins Have You Had Today Poster

Share a signature moment of Jeff's speech with your classroom, office, or home.


Spark a conversation by wearing the How Many Wins Brand... Clothing currently available in Medium, Large, and XL. Use the Contact Page to inquire about other sizes.

How Many Wins Wristband

Keep the message close at all times with the band Jeff wears every day.


How Many Wins Men's T-Shirt

How Many Wins Women's T-Shirt



How Many Wins Men's Embroidered Polo

How Many Wins Women's Embroidered Polo

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