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Student Workshops

School Architecture – Building the Dream

2-4 Hours

Session 1 – (1 hour) – At the school’s discretion, selected student leaders will get a chance to hear Jeff’s How Many Wins message that has been told in big and small group settings around  the US and Canada.  This hour will answer the question of ‘Why student leadership in school is so important.’

 (Only session 1 can be done in a school wide assembly)


Session 2 – (1.5 – 2 hour) – Depending on the goals of the school, the HMW team will facilitate a variety of games and activities to generate conversations about inclusion, teamwork, empathy and respect, and self-discovery.  This session is designed to eliminate the barriers that students see in a large, diverse campus or community.


Session 3 – (1.5 – 2 hours) – The HMW team will facilitate the building of a school constitution with a specific plan in place to be a school of WINNERS.


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