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Finding Hope in a Time of Despair

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Despair is tough.

Unfortunately, social media allows the souls of the world to be exposed in real time, so it doesn’t take too much scrolling to recognize that right now there is a lot of despair in our communities. People want to believe in something, but they think hope is getting harder to come by.

The national conversation is frustrating at best, so where can we find inspiration? I know there is still so much good in the world, we just have to look closer to home.

How Many Wins Wednesday was born out of the simple wish to create a regular narrative to notice and celebrate those good things around us.

There are fabulous deeds happening every day in our homes, schools, and communities. It is imperative that we stop and recognize the truth: the world is not falling apart. We just need to refocus on the little victories in our lives.

We know this, we just don’t practice the behavior.

So, leaders everywhere, I challenge you to step up and join me in honoring How Many Wins Wednesday.

Make celebrating small victories a systemic part of your culture by setting aside a few minutes every Wednesday to post something, anything good, anything that was a win.

Let’s all look for that hashtag so we can comment and recognize each others’ wins.

The alternative to despair is hope.

Hope comes from the belief that something good is coming. I maintain that good things are already here and I am eager to recognize them.

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