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Hope is a Thing, But...

I believe in the power of HOPE!

If you’ve heard me speak or been on my website, you know that my story is one of surviving and thriving after a terrible accident. I needed HOPE to give me the will to survive and I found it.

Since then, my life is centered around the concept and I’ve built a leadership philosophy with HOPE as its foundational principle.

My personal story is only a tiny microcosm of our society right now. We have never needed an “injection” of something like this powerful “4 letter word” more than we do today.

As our schools and businesses open back up, we need something to help us move toward the positive and not just away from this dark reality we have all endured. It is naïve to think that our students and employees will just go back to “life as we knew it” as if nothing had happened.

Do you agree that we can expect there will still be an element of fear or uncertainty on everyone’s mind? Therefore, as a leader, you can't just go back to business as usual. You need a plan to shift your culture from pause to action.

YOU need to instill hope in your people for the present and the future.

I often use the phrase “Ambassador of Hope.” When I speak, I encourage my audience members to go out and help others believe in their potential. It seems doable, right?

Yes, HOPE, But Also ...

But right now, at this critical time in our history, I am making the same request with a cautionary note:

  • Hope is a process and requires a strategy to achieve it.

  • Just saying the word does not create the outcome we desire.

  • Hope does not stand alone; it is an outcome based on a pattern of success.

  • As we rebuild, remember that WINS MATTER!

My recovery from injury (and a temporary loss of hope) was a purposeful process that focused on finding and celebrating daily victories. Big or small, every day my team found something that was better than before. The more found and acknowledged, the more of a habit winning became.

It was that habit of success that created the powerful emotion of HOPE.

When I became the principal of an entire high school, it was my responsibility to create a culture where I taught students and teachers how to be successful. I encouraged team activities, participation in arts and sports, and celebrated--loudly!--the successes of the day.

I found that the more I did this, the more others (students and teachers) emulated me until positivity became a cultural norm. We developed a culture that fostered that thing called HOPE.

Today, I am thrilled to see communities returning to life.

I am confident that people are ready to move forward towards the future and a return to “normalcy.”

I am equally as certain, though, that our collective progress will require our best leadership coaching. We have an incredible opportunity to create a new normal where success breeds success and the expectation of team is met on a daily basis.

Don't Go Back to "Business As Before"

Before you try to “business as usual,” I challenge YOU, as leaders, to find a reason to celebrate a win every day.

This makes me hopeful.

It will make you hopeful.

It will bring HOPE to everyone around you.


Are You Ready? I Still Can’t Come to You But ...

I’ve always asked you to bring me TO your team, but the world is different. Call me and we can plan a virtual storytelling day, with two training workshops in a digital format.

At the conclusion, you will have an aligned vision and core values, with a targeted plan for growth in the school year 2021. In addition, your student leadership will have a systematic plan (vision, norms, and targets) that will serve as their work plan for the year.

My standard rate for the Virtual Edition of the How Many Wins Story and two staff workshops (60 to 90 minutes each) is $4,000.

The investment to add a half day session with your student leadership team is $3,500.

If you’re working out your budget, though, call me at 559-470-9503 or email me and let’s talk about your situation.

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