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When Will Going Back to School be "Normal?"

Well, who would have thought we would be HERE as the school year comes to a close?

By here, I mean this surreal, Twilight Zone existence where people stay home, everything is cancelled, and toilet paper is the nation’s most prized possession.

I’ll tell you this, fam, I’ve been humbled by having to respect the power of this virus. I am living in quarantine, as most of the people I know are doing. I am, however, hopeful and seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

That light includes a vision of our schools reopening, whatever that looks like. I also envision kids and adults who are ready to get back to normal, whatever THAT looks like.

I DO expect schools to be operational in the fall.

I also expect there will be a big cloud of uncertainty and maybe even fear to be lingering over campuses all over the country.

On top of that emotional environment, you’ll need to add the huge logistics challenge to manage between now and … forever … as we fine-tune a new educational paradigm.

The Key to Surviving This

As a survivor of a personally catastrophic event many years ago, I have learned that if we focus only on the details, we will leave our PEOPLE behind.

As leaders who want to move forward successfully, we need to spend time as a team dealing with the real fear that we all share as we walk into the next phase of the pandemic where we ask, ‘Now what do we do?”

When I broke my neck at age 16, every facet of my life had to be re-learned.

But I couldn’t learn a damn thing at first because I was terrified. I didn’t know if I was going to live or die, so figuring out how to hold a cup wasn’t a priority. It wasn’t going to heal my SOUL.

I FIRST needed to feel safe, connected, and purposeful. If we are all going to thrive in the new, post-pandemic normal, we have to begin here.

How to Begin the Healing

I can help your school create and execute a plan to get your culture re-charged.

I have led many teams through their storms and I can do this for you.

The beauty is, you already have all the answers. The questions, however, require credibility and I can back you up on that with my own.

Here’s where we’d start, with both your staff and student leadership.


What are the qualities you love most about your school?

The greatest fear of all is the idea that everything we know and love is gone. My first leadership task upon return from this pandemic would be to talk in groups about the things that are most important in your school culture. From this conversation, I can help you execute your plan to move forward so that you address those critical qualities.


If you were really great and accomplished everything you wanted, what would your school be like?

To successfully navigate change, this can be a critical moment in your organization. This is the point where your team comes to the collective realization that there is room for improvement. When done with a large participation, this conversation is the catalyst for change.


What do you need to do as an organization to achieve your desired result?

The conversation I can lead you through becomes your roadmap to success. It allows the team to have a stake in the change, which builds trust and loyalty. At the end, you will have aligned your vision, core values and behaviors, and your action plan. You have also strengthened your team and given them some much needed peace of mind.

Are You Ready? I Can’t Come to You But ...

I’ve always asked you to bring me TO your team, but the world is different. Call me and we can plan a virtual storytelling day, with two training workshops in a digital format.

At the conclusion, you will have an aligned vision and core values, with a targeted plan for growth in the school year 2021. In addition, your student leadership will have a systematic plan (vision, norms, and targets) that will serve as their work plan for the year.

My standard rate for the Virtual Edition of the How Many Wins story and two staff workshops (60 to 90 minutes each) is $4,000.

The investment to add a half day session with your student leadership team is $3,500.

If you’re working out your budget, though, call me at 559-470-9503 or email me and let’s talk about your situation.

Get an extra bonus message right here: "Advice on Getting Back to School and The Secret to a Strong Recovery"


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