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Motivational Speaking: Does it Work?

Do you believe in spending money on motivational speakers?

A fellow educator - and former neighbor - recently asked that question on Facebook.

He said that while he found motivational speakers to be entertaining, he just couldn’t justify the investment for his staff. His question drew a wide variety of responses, many of them good arguments for both sides.

Motivational Speaking: Does it Work? by Jeff Eben

I didn’t reply, but I’m sure you - and he - would confidently guess that I would disagree with his position.

Surprise! I agree with him. If you’re bringing in a speaker simply for the entertainment value, that’s not a good use of the educational (or organizational) funds for which you’ve been given responsibility.

But if you’re looking at a motivational speaker who is entertaining WHILE they are delivering an important message that will encourage change and transform your team or organization then not only is that a good idea, it can be a valuable investment in the future success of your team.

Here are three critical situations where bringing in that kind of motivational speaker is urgent and important.

You’re Introducing a New Idea or Strategy

Credibility is important in any forum. If you’re a leader and you’re going to bring a new idea to a group, you can bet the first question someone is going to ask, "But is this going to work?"

Every organization has people like you who are willing to blaze a trail. But in my leadership experience, I found that most of my staff wanted to be convinced that we were embarking on something that had a track record of success. This is where bringing in an expert supports your idea, reassures your team and provides perspective.

A proven expert not only helps shed light on the specific work to be done, they can motivate a critical mass of team members to get on board.

You’re Celebrating a Kick-Off

Everyone loves a great start! A critical part of kicking off any endeavor is to get everyone moving together in a positive direction.

In education, this new beginning is often back-to-school; the start of the new school year. It could also mean the start of a new quarter, the beginning of themed period, or as you begin a challenging stretch of work.

I really advocate here for you to bring in someone to deliver a message that will set the tone and generate energy for the team. Look at it as investing in a big WIN right away for all the members of your team. Building a team of winners from the start is a worthwhile expenditure for any organization.

The key to having a messenger come in from the outside is that there is no personal baggage. Motivational speakers who create experiences that transform organizations don’t represent any agenda, they want to make people feel good about what they are doing.

THIS is personally IMPORTANT to ME and I hope it is to YOU.

Jeff Eben training aspiring principals at the UCLA Colloquium

You’re Organization is Going Through Tough Times

There is not an organization in existence that doesn't struggle sometimes. It's just the nature of life. Some of the these struggles are short-lived and don't cause any disruption to the work.

Some times, things happen that bring things to a grinding halt and leave a trail of sadness and mistrust along the way. When that happens, sometimes the leader needs to read the tea leaves and take a time out either personally or for the organization as a whole

It’s at this crucial point that a well-timed injection of motivation could make the difference between team that rallies together … or that mutinies. Just knowing that their leader cares enough about their team to invest in their mental health and success goes a long way toward healing the wounds of the day.

This approach is far underutilized, in my opinion, and could be one of the most important things we leaders do in a time of struggle.

Jeff Eben speaking at CASL Start Up event

I'm not going to comment on that original discussion or try to win an argument with an old friend.

I am sharing this with you, my leader friends, because I want to support and encourage and motivate YOU.

Bringing in resources from outside of your organization is a GOOD THING.

Outside perspective, sometimes, is exactly what the team needs to be great.

Until next time . . . Nothin' But Love.

Are you in one of these three situations? I want to hear from you. Call or email me.

Ready to book a motivational speaker whose message builds teams that “Feel the Love?” Tell me about your event or organization here and I’ll reach out right away.

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