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Three Reasons Why Educators are the Future of Leadership Today

I am genuinely sad over the state of leadership in the national and state government.

Not to dwell or start political discord, but there is so much anger and distrust thrown at us every day from so many directions that it gives leadership a bad name.

I don't stay down about it for long though because I know the truth.

Where does everyone look for leadership these days? It’s not anyone in the news, at least for me.

Why educators are the future of leadership by Jeff Eben - "How Many Wins Today" Leadership Keynote Speaker and Culture-Building Expert

There is great leadership happening every day in our schools.

And that keeps me going.

I can walk into school districts across America and find leaders around every corner. Society won't give educators that credit, but it's true.

I worked in government for 4 years and I met great people. But the urgency in that setting compared to what educators deal with every day isn't even close.

Educational leaders are far more effective, and here are three reasons why:

First, we are face-to-face with our community every day.

We know their names, their faces, and they know us. You didn't see that in government. Opinions are formed through editorials, call-in shows, or polls. We educators live in a world of huge daily accountability and I don't see that in other leadership venues.

Second, we are bound by the clock.

We have to make our work happen in certain time frames every day. Even our success our failure is a result of a test our students take at an arbitrary time of the year. So the operation of our business is challenging at best.

Third, we have one of those jobs that people often feel they can do better.

Now, I am sure every organization gets complaints. But hell hath no fury like an angry parent who feels their child has been wronged.

And yet, we produce.

For the most part, our schools are damn efficient and teacher leaders, classified leaders, and administrator leaders navigate the daily course pretty well.

There are some, though, that STAND OUT.

They manage the hurdles and the daily struggles and create an environment that is special. They manage to stand for something bigger than the work, and students don't forget them. They are the leaders we ALL should strive to be.

Until next time, nothin' but love.


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