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Feelin The Renaissance Love

Just returned from Scottsdale Arizona where I had a chance to deliver the closing address to more than 1000 delegates at the Jostens National Renaissance Conference. First, I had a ball on a personal level. The city/hotel was beautiful, I got to visit with a beautiful friend I hadn't seen in 40 years, and I enjoyed the conference events. So, I'll remember a good time and thank the visionaries at Jostens for putting on a world class event.

More importantly, though, I'm a big fan of the study of leadership. These few days gave me an opportunity to see some very cool things that served as great reminders for leaders of any age. First, Jostens CEO Chuck Mooty was everywhere; a great reminder that you are never too big to be visible to your team. It is so important for leaders to be a part of the work and we witnessed a great example in Mr. Mooty. Second, nothing is too good for our team members. When we get to work with people we care about, I was reminded this week that treating them like royalty is a great investment. This was a classy event in every way possible and folks will want to come back forever. Finally, it was so cool watching teachers and students working together away from our campuses. Team is so important, and when allowed to let their hair down and do the work, the result is spectacular.

So I'm a believer. I shared a story of hope, love, and counting your blessings. Well, my friends, I got a dose of all three of those things in Scottsdale. Congratulations Everyone for a great 2017 conference.

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