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Bakersfield . . . More Than Food

I am going to be completely honest; I have not spent enough time in Bakersfield.  Living in Fresno, Bake-town has been my stop for more highway meals than any city in my existence. Still, I have rarely hung out there and met the people.  Tuesday, August 15th was my second time doing business in this fine city, and once again, I could not have been treated more nicely.  Years ago, I spoke at the opening assembly for staff in the Panema - Buena District and had a ball.  This time, I got to talk with 3 school faculties in the Bakersfield City School District.  I am so grateful for my day there and I am giddy over the time I spent with their teams.

Mira Monte and Liberty High Schools, and Bakersfield Adult School staffs came to Mira Monte's beautiful Performing Arts Center to open their year with me.  The partnership in the room was impressive and I didn't have a great sense that there were 3 separate schools.  It felt like one big family, no small feat in that forum.  I learned a lot about team and commitment in that moment; teams are not always as you expect.  They cross boundaries and make the culture of your city stronger and more accountable for the welfare of Bakersfield families.

Thanks for an awesome time. 

P. S.  I met a friend and was still able to get some good Bako food. 

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