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Taking a Bite out of Vista Murrieta

I actually did double duty on Wednesday, August 16th and spent the afternoon with the staff of Vista Murrieta High School, just up the road from the morning's student assemblies. Pressure was on again as teachers had a strict time window and I would be speaking while they ate. Let me say that this group was the perfect class as they showed up on time, were a respectful audience, and didn't make a mess . . . a huge WIN for everyone.

Two things impressed me about this event. First, that group had to make a concerted effort to drop everything and race down to my talk during their lunch hour. Not only were they cool about it, they were actively engaged, what I call a great audience. They obviously cared enough to take our time seriously. Second, I got a tour of the campus by a mother-daughter team of campus support monitors. The pride they have in "their school" is pretty inspiring and speaks volumes to the culture of Vista Murrietta.

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