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La Habra . . . WOW!

The How Many Wins Tour pulled into the La Habra Community Center on August 17th to meet the entire district staff in a morning breakfast where they kicked - off their 2017-18 school year. What happened next is a blur but can be described as a total role reversal. For the couple hours I was there, THEY were the motivational folk, I was just along for the ride. The spirit in that room was off the chart, and the tone was set by their superintendent Dr. Joanne Culverhouse from the beginning. Dr. C would be the first to tell you, though, that we were recipients of good vibes, not the givers.

I am extremely proud of the La Habra crew because they are on fire! They are well into their year and well onto their way to becoming an even stronger winning culture. It was two weeks ago that I was there. Every day since that breakfast, I've watched my Twitter light up with good news from different members of the lhusd team. They are sharing great stories about their district, their team, and their students. I'm starting to see a focus on winning in student work as the staff is building great habits by having their kids celebrate their learning. I can't wait to keep watching . . . this will be something.

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