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Ending August on a High

My August tour ended in Riverside, close to Hemet, where it began. I spent a really fun day with students and staff at Riverside Poly High School on the day before their official school year began. That being said, I applaud the 60 or so leadership students who showed up for a 2 hour workshop with me on the last day of their vacation. I really loved this group as we outlined some leadership values and behaviors with which to embark on their year. We didn't finish, but their Activities Directors assured me that they will finish the task and create The Poly Way. This will guide their leadership work and help them get the campus to be all they want it to be.

I followed that up with an hour conversation for the staff in their new library; a cozy little place that made for a tough arrangement, but it turned out to be no sweat for these folk. Some stood for the full hour, but were totally locked in and with me every word. I was pretty blown away by the grace of this staff, but then I listened to their principal talk and I knew the deal immediately. Dr. Roe is a pretty young dude that has it GOING ON! The passion and purpose that came out of him at the end was staggering. There is no doubt that he has the respect of his team and the love in his heart. Those 2 things together will move mountains. I was pretty fired up.

September is here and I'm jumping on some planes. Time to meet some winners in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Canada. Watch for me on

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