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Day 2 - HMW Southern Style

Franklin Simpson High School is blue and red. That is awesome because if I wear their hat at home it has the same logo as Fresno State. So, they had me at hello. I did 2 assemblies for their student body and was really proud that they had already familiarized themselves with the HMW concept. As we talked, they invested in the story, and hopefully the moral. I ate lunch with them in the cafeteria and was really pleased by how polite they were and how well they treated each other. I have had several follow me on Twitter and they are tweeting WINS every day. So, they got this.

My last group was about 60 student leaders from all areas of the Franklin campus. There were leaders from Student Government, Arts, Athletics, and students who just have influence over groups of people. We had been together all day, so they were ready to talk. We talked about how good they could be and they identified areas in which they wanted to succeed. Young people see the world and our worried about the lack of love in society. They saw themselves as a school where respect and tolerance for all should be their leadership mission. As I left, they were starting the planning process of how to get what they wanted. I dig Kentucky.

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