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Worth Every Travel Headache


As a frequent guest of airports across the country, I know first-hand the challenges us wheelchair folk face when we travel. Just in case, however, I forgot, my journey to Franklin, Kentucky reminded me of all the dangers in one trip. From not having the right ground crew to lift me onto the plane, my seat not reclining for a 3 hour flight, to getting chair stuck in an elevator, I got to see a bunch of gaffes in one day. There is, however, nothing as disheartening as getting in your power chair and finding out that the airlines broke it . . . on Labor Day.

So, by the time we got to our room in KY (I had to be pushed through the airport and hotel), I'd had enough. Some Saint named Phil was sent by the airlines and showed up in my room about 6 pm and fixed me all up. Talk about my new hero? So, after my cab no showed in the morning and Franklin School sent a bus to my hotel, I had the opportunity to meet Principal Tim Schlosser and the staffs of several schools in their district. I'm not going to lie, coming into a school 3000 miles away with How Many Win banners up in every hallway, gym, etc., is pretty thrilling. I had to stop for a second and think about Coach Bohan... he would have been proud. It made my travel challenges fall far away.

So I spent an hour and a half with these folks and we shared a commitment to BE THE GUY/GAL for the kids in Franklin. After I was done, the cab no showed again. The same driver put me on the bus and took me back. He even came the next day and saved me again. So, a California Shout-out to Durell, my new Southern brother. He was THE GUY

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