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How Many Wins, Eh?

I was pretty excited to board a plane and take the HMW tour to Canada. It is my goal to spread my message of Hope and Love as far as possible, so our neighbors to the north were awesome. I flew into Vancouver and shared a morning with my new friends from Mouat Secondary School from Abbotsford, British Columbia. The setting on the harbor was magical and the teachers were awesome students. Unfortunately, I had to speak and run so I didn't get to hang around much. The culture these teachers have created spoke volumes, though and they were a fun group with whom to hang.

I finished and jumped into a van for a 3 hour drive to Manning Park, a beautiful resort in the hills of BC. The drive was awesome as autumn was starting to show its face. Spent the afternoon with the Yale staff, also from Abbotsford. It was pretty fun and the Abbotsford community has the right to be proud. After my talk, though, we went outside to a bonfire, barbecue, and fellowship with the staff. Guitars came out, and soon we were joined by most of the staff, who, as it turns out, can sing well. The Yale faculty band and chorus did about 3 hours of solid entertainment of tunes right out of my mental jukebox. I knew, after the first song, that Abbotsford was a community in which in which I could live.

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