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El Dorado Hills

Got off the plane from Canada in Sacramento, California and stopped off at Marina Village Middle School in El Dorado Hills. While Middle School strikes fear in the heart of speakers and educators everywhere, I have awesome memories of teaching and coaching this age group. I have friends today in their 40's who were on my teams and in my classroom from those days. So, I was pleased but not surprised how well this audience treated me. Eight hundred kids on the floor is a risk, but they pulled it off. We had a question/answer session and they handled it with respect and maturity. I hope they continue to see the value in the people they see every day. Good times!

It was a minimum day and I spent the afternoon with the staff. Not gonna lie, they had a potluck and I'm a sucker for those little meatballs, so we got off on a high note. But we had a good session talking about having a strong culture in their school. They are going through the start of the year, but also a major construction project, so they have a lot on their plate. It is in times like these, though that you have to stop and remember who you are and what you represent. Their principal is committed to the work and I'm excited to follow their year.

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