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Thankful to Return to Canada

October found me back in Canada on the spectacular British Columbia island of Kelowna. This picturesque playground was the perfect backdrop for my 3 day journey in to their schools and lives. The first day, I spent a lot of hours at 3 great schools talking to kids. The taxi ran perfectly all day in spite of a challenging time schedule, and I was able to spread the love in multiple venues across the city. It was good for me to see the different communities in the same district. I have a very American perception that our neighbors lack both ethic and economic diversity. I was wrong on both counts and was pleasantly surprised by the distinct personalities in each building.

It was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, another tidbit I didn't know. Canada has a Thanksgiving, but it is more of a general day/weekend to be thankful than it is a celebration of any historical event. So, day Day 2 in Kelowna had the students home for holiday and the staff was involved in professional development. I was able to address a large gathering of secondary educators in the morning, and I visited a school staff in the afternoon. Both were memorable, but I was impressed by the middle school team. They had spent their morning delivering Thanksgiving gifts to needy families in their community and came back feeling pretty prideful. They even broke out a staff choir that sounded good, even if they didn't know that Bill Withers wrote Lean on Me, the song they performed. By the time I presented my talk about love, they were experts on the subject. Very good 2 days that left me pretty thankful.

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