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Camarillo - Life is a Beach

What a warm welcome I received when I rolled into Camarillo High School. Balloons, signs, and chalk tributes were everywhere as I worked my way around the campus in this beautiful beach community on the southern central coast. They had a big day planned for me, including meeting with two groups of leadership teams. I was not disappointed. I have a strong passion for meeting with leadership teams. I do an activity where we share core values and try to build ideas for creating behaviors that will institutionalize or belief system. Its one of my favorite things and doing it with the Camarillo team was a good time.

Spoke a to large assembly who treated me right. As I finished, I went to a two period leadership class; the first group was a student council bunch followed by a Renaissance Leadership class. Both groups were active and asked questions about my experiences. We were focused on culture building, but they wanted to know about my personal journey. So we had a pretty comfortable talk and they were really polite and honest. I finished up with a short meeting with staff and hopefully sent them home with a positive message.

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