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Oregon Student Leadership - Future of state is bright!!!

November took me to the beautiful Oregon coast for a meeting with 2000 student leaders from across the state . They were attending the Oregon Association of Student Council in the coastal community of Seaside. I opened the last day, so the students had been together for a weekend and they were very bonded. When I came in bright and early, they were already starting and the stage was packed with impromptu singers and dancers. Apparently the camp had taught a song and dance and this last morning was a final time to perfect the lyrics and moves. They were having a ball. When I took the mic, I knew the next hour would be fun.

High School student leaders are awesome and they didn't disappoint. This type of experience reminds me of my high school years where I held offices and participated in a couple of camps like this one. I talked about my time in leadership activities and reminded them of how lucky they were to attend. I let them know about the unique opportunity they had to not only make memories for themselves, but to go back home and impact the school experience for everyone else. I challenged them not to waste this chance. There was so much love and positive energy in that convention hall . . . I knew the future of Oregon was in great hands.

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