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2018 Off to a Rip(on)-Roaring Start

The first trip of the new year was about 2 hours north of my home in Fresno to the awesome town of Ripon, CA. Driving down Main Street, it was hard not to whistle the Mayberry RFD theme song, it was that charming. Make no mistake, though, the school district and educators that I met were at the top of their game and as current as can be in our profession. I had the pleasure of telling the How Many Wins story to their team and was well received.

I was excited to introduce a new component as HMW Educator Dr. Alan Harris joined me in conducting a workshop intended to help build a culture in schools and classrooms where winning becomes a habit. Through storytelling and facilitation of activities, we were able to leave their team with a new mindset and strategies to implement immediately. It was a good day for us and we look forward to more. It will also be exciting to watch Ripon Unified as they continue to serve their students and create winners, every day.

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