• Jeff Eben

Entering the CASL

First of all, huge props to the hundreds of educators who work to make this conference available for our young leaders. Literally, Sandra Kurland and her team of many bring thousands of middle and high school students together from around the state for a weekend of work, play, and personal growth. The planning and preparation is thorough, but the work that goes into supervising is exhausting. Everyone goes home sleep deprived and gets about 8 hours rest in time to start their regular week on Monday morning. It is no easy task to work these trips and a huge thank you is necessary.

I spoke to the middle school group on one day and the high schoolers the next. The spirit and excitement was at a fever pitch in both sessions, so the young folk were fully engaged. They had workshops and meetings throughout their day, and it was a rigorous schedule. I talked to kids all week, and I heard repeatedly that this was a lifetime highlight. I am a huge fan of getting students out into the world, and this reminded me of why. Seeds were planted, ideas were formed and new relationships were made and developed.

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