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What Happens in Vegas . . .

I am not a gambler, so I went to Las Vegas to speak at 2 schools and not venture any farther. The speaking part went very well. I had the pleasure of meeting the teachers and staffs at 2 high schools, Foothill and Mojave. Both groups were phenomenal audiences and I appreciated their passionate responses. It is always my hope that cultural change goes through the teachers to the students, so I feel like my best work is done at that level. To wit, I love meeting with students, but without the adult commitment, the HMW message won't go forward.

I have to say that Foothill High School put a different spin on the student assembly and it worked really well. Their staff targeted students from various organizations and activities who needed a shot in the arm. The result was a group of about 300 young leaders who were there for a reason, and they took advantage of the opportunity by being an amazing group. Mojave also did something. They had an assembly in conjunction with a day long celebration, and I shared the stage with student singers, dancers, and leaders from their campus. It was another good spin on the assembly concept, and I'm happy to share my Vegas experience, contrary to the motto.

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