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Principals and UCLA

For 12 years, I've done the closing keynote for ACSA's Summer Institute for New and Aspiring Principals. It's my favorite job of the year and a refreshing way to get energized about the work I've loved so much for so long. The audience is a group of brand new site leaders who are looking forward to a first opportunity to lead a culture on their terms. It is a huge responsibility and kudos to them for coming to the conference and investing in their own growth. I've heard year after year, attendees leave energized and better prepared . . . good, right?

My hope for them is to understand that organizational culture is intentional and the leader drives the conversation. I want them to leave UCLA with a tug on their heart strings that pulls them closer to finding their moral purpose in education. How Many Wins is a mindset that I want to move leaders to look for ways to go from concept to action with strategies that are systemic and permanent. Hopefully, I can inspire them to partner with me to change the world they live in with a message of HOPE, LOVE, and PERSEVERANCE. This year's group was another example of California's future being bright.

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