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Rehab, My Road to Recovery; A Final Thought (Part 10)

What a trip this was for me. I went to places I had never discussed before and it was cool and weird at the same time. I had put this out to generate potential conversations in the medical/rehab community that might bring me in to speak. I got some interest, but the reward was much greater than that. I heard from numerous friends and family members who were there and didn't realize some of things going on behind the door and behind my facade. Others only know me as an adult and read my story for the first time having no idea of my life before coaching and teaching. I always know who they are because they call me Jeff or Mr. Eben. Everyone else knows it's Gup. I loved that I answered some questions for some. It is, however, time to leave it, and I will leave it where I started; I am so grateful. After all is said and done, I am living a really good life and am confident I can conquer any challenges that are still coming. Luckily, I'm armed with the ability to count my small victories every day. Again, it is a simple mindset that showed me how to live away from negativity. Also, my friends are world class...and still here a full 40 years later. Together, we had careers, raised children, took vacations, and are planning our retirements. Rehab bonded us for life, and I'm humbled by their devotion.

Still, if there was one thing that I learned in my rehab experience that has been the defining factor in my surviving, and eventually thriving in the only life I was given, it was re-connecting with that poor-sport little brat that wreaked havoc on La Canada Ca Little League in the early 1970's. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, that little demon wanted to win so bad, the parents of the other kids on the team had to limit the amount of time they could be around him. Yes, I was that kid, and I thank God for it every day. But, one day, on the bottom of Millerton Lake, I lost my will to win. Somewhere in rehab, I got it back. You see, friends, WINNING is my purpose. I am on this planet to compete my ass off and find the good that comes with it. It would be easier to talk about the 47 things that go wrong every day, but that isn't winning. I was taught that winning is doing one thing better than the day before, so I'm in a constant search for success. An interesting piece to this, if you win long enough, people notice and, soon, they start thinking like winners. Let's face it, life has enough crazy moments for everyone to get their share. Living to your fullest isn't a contest, so we all play our own game. My story, if it hits the target, has a simple theme; no matter how hard it gets, keep fighting. The only way to lose is to quit. I am alive for the purpose of saying that to as many people who will listen. I hope you and/or you organization find clarity in YOUR purpose.

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